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Services Offered

With 20 years experience comes the ability to assist with any of your writing needs

Are you new to writing? Check out one of my classes under the Classes Page

Have uncertainties about your writing... see if I can offer something below

Need writing done... feel free to contact me!

Editing Services

Pamela will edit your work, correcting grammar and spelling. She will also offer other advice at your request.

Per page fee--$1.35

Give her a chapter, just to get a feel for what you should be doing

Coaching Services

Help reach your writing goals and become a better writer!

Have you wanted to take a writing class but don't have the time?

Have you been writing but it just doesn't seem to click?

Coaching will help you walk through the basics of writing, apply those basics to your writing and have someone to look over your work to give you ideas and suggestions.


Can work by email or in-person, or some variation. 2 hours/month recommended.

Speaking Engagements

Pamela will visit school classes to talk on anything related to writing.

In 2010 she visited a Grade 6 class at Northlake Woods P.S. to talk about publishing

In 2012 she visited with the Grade 8's at Northlake Woods P.S. to talk about writing

In 2013 she visited with a Grade 3 class at Northlake Woods P.S. to do Tinfoil Faces and talk about Plot, Character and Setting; and...

Visited the Grade 6's at Pope John Paul II Catholic Elementary School to talk about writing


I can write articles and blogs on just about any topic. Notice is appreciated or longer timeframe due to full-time work.

Minimum $50 for 500 words


A second passion of mine is photography. See something you like on this page? I probably took the photo. I also do equestrian photography, though it's been a while and I could easily pull off engagement or wedding photos!


A third passion of mine is flower arranging. I don't do real flowers, I prefer to work with silk... besides, they last forever... any flower arrangements in photos on this page I have created. Feel free to ask if you're interested. I'm sure I can figure out how to ship them if you're interested!

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